Conversations that
make a difference

We believe that effective dialogue strengthens our relationships, democracy, and humanity. Join us in empowering each other to have productive and meaningful political conversations, especially with the people we love.

America is more polarized than ever.

Democracy relies on different sides coming together, but it seems increasingly impossible in this day and age. We have disparate news sources and social media algorithms that filter our realities, profiting off of fear and anger. A 2016 study showed that people on one side of the aisle thought that the other hated them more than they actually did.

Political conversations are hard.

It's often easier to avoid engaging with people we disagree with, full stop. And when we do, the experience can be frustrating and exhausting, especially with friends and family. We might feel dismissed, misunderstood, or judged—and wish that we'd never gotten into it in the first place.

We're creating a world where conversations thrive.

We believe that positive and fulfilling political conversations—even across differences—are possible. We are a community of practice that supports each other to cultivate an effective toolkit for difficult dialogue. We hope that greater connection and mutual understanding will strengthen our society, leading to better outcomes for all.

Join our community

We are currently offering free workshops to support talking politics with family and friends. Reach out if you are interested in bringing it to your organization! We welcome people of all backgrounds and perspectives.

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